Take the path of negotiation to resolve your tax disputes without litigation in a fair and impartial manner for both the federal government and the taxpayers. Appeals resolve over 100,00 cases on a yearly basis, let your case be one of them.


Immediate relief available for bank levy, wage garnishment, and federal tax lien.


Personal, Corporate, Accounting, and Payroll Services Available.

DO YOU OWE OVER $10,000 ???

We specialize in eliminating your total tax debt for pennies on the dollar.


Our firm includes Enrolled Agents, Accountants, and Certified Tax Preparers with over 30 years of combined experience.



Are you one of the thousands of Americans with IRS problems? If so, we may have the right solution and understand that IRS problems have the potential of ruining every aspect of your life, if you let them. If you owe back taxes, the IRS may soon be sending you a notice to indicate garnishment of wages, your pension, your savings, your property, or even your social security checks. Need help with… READ MORE



The IRS requires you to file income tax return. The Internal Revenue Service reminds taxpayers that some people should file even if they aren’t required to because they may get a refund if they had taxes withheld or they may qualify for refundable credits. Tax Preparation of Maylin Lima specializes in preparing tax returns for Individuals, LP, LLP, FLP, LLC, S Corp, C Corp. Our Mission is…. READ MORE



Accounting is essential to small businesses. Taxes must be done and bills must be paid. Besides the day-to-day accounting tasks, small business owners need to know how they are doing financially so that they can plan and budget for the future. Don’t wait until the year-end — start looking for accounting help before you open for business so that you are on the right path from the beginning…. READ MORE

Maylin Lima has practiced over a decade
with the IRS on federal tax defense cases.



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